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Battle of Bosworth Wines

What is the 1485 Wine Club?

1485 Wine Club Benefits

1485 and all that

Why the 1485 Club? Well, 1485 was the year in which the real Battle of Bosworth was fought. The Battle of Bosworth was the final clash in the English struggle for power called the War of the Roses.  The Roses part of the war refers to the heraldic badges associated with the two royal houses who were fighting it out; the White Rose of York and the Red Rose of Lancaster. The Tudor Rose was created by the victor Henry VII as the Tudor dynasty’s badge and was a combination of the White

Tudor Club​

Bosworth and Spring Seed
mixed dozen $260.00

select the 1485 Wine Club mixed wine dozen.

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Lancaster Club

Bosworth and Spring Seed
red dozen $300.00

select the 1485 Wine Club red wine dozen.

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York Club

Bosworth and Spring Seed
white dozen $220.00

select the 1485 Wine Club white wine dozen.

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The The premium red pack
$220.00 per 6 red wines

select the 1485 Wine Club 6 red wine.

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The Fine Print
Congratulations on deciding to join the 1485 wine club! A few terms and conditions…Tick the pack type you wish to receive twice a year (red, white, mixed dozen or premium red 6 pack). Fill out all of the details (address and payment details) and your membership will commence. Make sure you tick the box where you agree to the terms and conditions. We will send you your cellar club card with your name and number Your ongoing commitment to maintain member benefits will be to receive your nominated wine pack twice a year in March/ April and September/ October. We will send your nominated pack twice a year to the shipping address on record, and your credit card will be debited to the correct value, based on the wine pack you selected initially (white, red or mixed, dozen or premium six pack). By signing up for membership, you acknowledge that you will automatically receive and be charged for you subscription cases on an ongoing basis, unless you have suspended your regular shipments or cancelled your membership. You can cancel your membership at any time, just drop us a letter or email, or ring us. If you wish to skip a shipment, or cancel your subscription, you must do so within 2 weeks of the next shipment date, otherwise your credit card will be charged, and the case dispatched. Please let us know of any changes to your shipping address, email address, and/or credit card details. Credit card and other personal details are held under strict confidentiality, and used solely for the purpose of processing wine club shipments. We do not store credit card details, they are held by our secure third-party payment gateway, eWay. You have to be 18 years minimum to be a member of the 1485 wine club. If for some reason you are not satisfied with the wines that have been delivered, or if they have been damaged, please send the wines back to use so we can issue a refund.

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